Scientific Writing

Scientific Writing – General Seminar Participants

Diploma students and dissertation writers always ask the same questions and problems when writing scientific texts, and often the same mistakes are made. Particularly annoying for both sides are “unforced errors,” because they are easily recognizable and can be healed. Here I present some of these “typical.”


Tips for their avoidance in disordered order and without any weighting in preparation for the writing of scientific papers, whereby some will apply only to some formats of the written presentation (avail writing service by Apexessays). This compilation can, however, also be used as a checklist during the last revision of work before delivery, in order to reduce the number of these avoidable errors. See also notes on scientific writing.

This worksheet is part of the collection of texts on the work of scientific literature. Research and scientific writing Scientific research always ends in a publication, which means that the current research level is expanded, the scientific community has to be informed


This happens most frequently in the form of articles in printed trade journals, but also as a book contribution in a publisher or even as a monograph (book). Since every degree at a university also has the goal of preparing for a scientific career, one already has the task of composing a written scientific work. In view of the fact that research work is usually to be published somewhere or electronically, one speaks of a manuscript, that is, a print template.


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